The Drug Shortage Crisis

The U.S. is experiencing a rapidly increasing frequency of drug shortages, which have caused numerous difficulties for clinicians, health care facilities, patients, and federal regulators. Drug shortages are caused by many factors, including difficulties in acquiring raw materials, manufacturing problems, regulatory issues, and business decisions, as well as many other disturbances within the supply chain. They adversely affect patient care by causing substitution of safe and effective therapies with alternative treatments; compromising or delaying medical procedures; or causing medication errors. Drug shortages also significantly burden health care provider and health care facility finances and personnel. A management strategy that includes clear policies and procedures for information gathering, decision making, collaboration, and timely communication should be established to effectively handle drug shortages.

Our solution

  • Implement our unique highly distinguished process that will quickly eliminate many of the key drug shortages currently in existence today
  • Identify Rare Diseases with existing drugs currently not available due to FDA Short-Supply, Discontinuations and Orphan Drug Status (i.e., “Matured Drugs”)
  • Re-launch the top 100 critical Matured Products using our proprietary process and network of manufacturing partners
  • Ensure Products are registered under all industry reimbursement plans/providers for maximum market penetration
  • Identify approvals for proven therapies formally treated with matured drugs, decreasing untreatable rare diseases
  • Execute our Global Distribution Plan in the U.S. and EU Markets which will result in reduced manufacturing costs and a more secure, stabilized supply chain