Gleostine® Pricing

Gleostine® is an FDA-approved chemotherapeutic drug indicated for use in patients with brain tumors, primary and metastatic, following appropriate surgical and/or radiotherapeutics procedures as well with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in combination with other chemotherapies, following disease progression with initial chemotherapy.

Product pricing is established based on several important factors including product development costs, regulatory agency fees, class of product and benefit the treatment delivers to patients. It is also important to note that there are currently less than five FDA approved glioblastoma brain cancer drugs available on the market today. Among this class of drug products, Gleostine® is priced within the mid-to low-end range compared to the other treatments.

We provide Gleostine® at a significantly discounted cost to uninsured patients and patients who lack the resources to pay for the product. We also participate in government purchasing programs, including Medicaid and the government drug discount program (PHS 340B), where its cost is as little as five cents per bottle of five capsules.